Kishan Poddar

With love, your’s Guddia :)


While discovering life,
In those tender years.
A million questions bubbled in my formative mind….
And I often found myself confused , lost and uneasy.

And I prayed and prayed to find my way…

It was then that I discovered you , my father.
And I found my Hero , my friend, my guide, my teacher and my Guru in you.
You had answers to everything , from jumbled math questions to knowing the purpose of life.

Your righteousness guided me in the most testing times of life, to follow the path of Dharma , was the lesson you taught me.


Your poise and patience through every act inspired me to be stable and rock solid like you.

It isn’t just like that ,that one gets a Father, a mentor like you in life,

It was indeed the answer to my prayers of lifetimes
A precious gift from God
That I have been gifted the most precious gift,
A Father, an anchor like you.

And I pray to the universe , to all the gods and goddesses and the realised saints,
To bestow and shower this infinite grace on all beings and they get a role model like you to guide them .

Then the planet will be truly a beautiful place.


Your name is so apt- ‘Kishan’ -that’s what you are to me my father 🙂

Love you Papa and you are my Pride 🙂

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